About Us

“No preservatives. No shortcuts. No quick bucks. No evil. No canned thoughts. No canned anything.

Just wholesome goodness married to lip-smacking taste.

Think Fresh.”

Food 2.0

We aren’t talking re-engineering. We aren’t talking farming technology or re-inventing the wheel. We are talking food that’s been re-thought.

And it all began with one question, as it most often does –Why can’t my food taste good, be natural, easy to make and be good for my body? In this era of burgeoning corporatized fast food and health food chains, the right answer seemed almost impossible to get to.

Let’s face it, we all love fast food. Hell, we grew up on it. The instant gratification that we seek out of a bite of a juicy burger that’s been delivered to you at lightning fast speed when you are stark raving hungry, is a feeling that is almost unparalleled. But is cutting down your serving time in half, worth cutting your life expectancy in half too?

And yet, at the same time, we have been programmed, by mass media, and by niche marketing alike to believe that food that is good for you or in other words – “Healthy”, costs a lot higher and tastes bland, and well, boring.

So it all comes back to the original question – Can the two ever meet? We believe so.

At Bhukkad, we are proud to say that we have cracked the code. We make food that’s fast, natural, exciting, awesome to taste and easy on the pocket. The dream is now real.

And all it takes is a little effort and a wee bit of thought – Make food fresh. Add less preservatives. Keep it as wholesome & natural as possible. Keep innovating.

No more canned thoughts. They are for the cold storage.

May India Develop and Prosper.