Ouch! Potato: 2 Healthy Potato Dishes You Should Try.

Potatoes are cheap and easily available. This innocent vegetable is often regarded as an evil because of the extra carbs it adds to our diets. However, It’s only when you overload your diet with potatoes, that its harms you. But then, weren’t we taught that excess of anything is bad? Let’s give the Good Potato a chance!

We bring you three exciting potato dishes that you can make for yourself and let the good potato treat both your health and those tiny taste buds!



Here is the list:


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Boil the potatoes until cooked but still firm. Grate the potatoes.

Make some Aioli sauce. You can learn about how to make aioli from this post.

Put the potatoes in a large bowl, then add the Aioli and mix well. Chill.

Bhukkad (1)

Recipe Source


Scrub the potatoes, cut each in half lengthways and then in half lengthways again.

Place potatoes in a large plastic (microwave proof) bowl. (The potatoes will cook quicker if not packed too densely – bigger bowl in thinner layer works best!).

Rinse potatoes with water, drain, place back into the bowl. Cover with a plastic plate or cling film and cook.

Allow the potatoes to cool slightly. Season. Toss together the mango, onions, and strawberries.

Place lettuce onto plates or bowls. Top with potatoes and fruit, then drizzle with the dressing.

Have a nice time savoring the taste of the Good Potato!

About the author: Susovan Mahapatra is an intern at Bhukkad. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance as a sophomore at Ashoka University. He is a quizzer, blogger, startup enthusiast and likes being lost when free. And yes, he loves to travel, sleep and eat as well!




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