Bhukkad @VRGreen

Bhukkad joined the green celebrations for the VR Green, World Environment Day Weekend, held over this weekend at VR Bengaluru! We set up our stall and served the many fellow Bhukkads with plates of our special Paninis, Lemonades, Raggi Muffins and Humus Bean Salads.

What was the event about?

The theme for the VR Green, World Environment Day Weekend, was  ‘Relevance of Sustainable Living’. The aim was to make the  audiences realise the ease and benefits in living greener and more sustainable lives through this curated and completely integrated platform.


We at Bhukkad are trying to make food both healthy and tasty, hence revolutionising the way people think about food. Our motto of making fast food natural and healthy smoothly  aligned with the event’s larger goal making it a very ‘healthy’ symbiosis.  What more? We have always believed to take up sustainable methods to run our operations; be it the sugarcane fibre based plates we use or the wooden spoons instead of the plastic ones.

Here’s how our stall looked:


Thanks to all of you who hoarded into our stall and made our weekend extra special. Here are some more snaps from the event!


Once a Bhukkad, always a Bhukkad!

About the author: Susovan Mahapatra is an intern at Bhukkad. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance as a sophomore at Ashoka University. He is a quizzer, blogger, startup enthusiast and likes being lost when free. And yes, he loves to travel, sleep and eat as well!


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