Four Healthy Food Hacks for the Bhukkads!

Are you sick of eating unhealthy food all the time? It’s time you revisit your diet plan and make some changes to it. We bring you a list of things you could do to make your food healthier and tastier at the same time! Do try incorporating these.

Sour Cream Vs. Greek Yogurt


Sour Cream can easily be replaced with Hung Curd. It is healthier and tastier than the Sour Cream. We use it in our Mexican Rice Bowl that is served every Saturday and Sunday, do come over and try!

Bread crumbs Vs. Oats

Bhukkad (2)

Oats are a great substitute for breadcrumbs to bind and shape your burger patty. This is something we have incorporated in our dishes, don’t forget to try our burgers the next time you visit us.

Mayo Vs. Hummus


Hummus, thanks to its health values and incredible taste, makes for the best substitute for Mayo. It has worked wonders for us at Bhukkad. It’s time that you add some Hummus to your diet! Do try our Hummus filled dish, the Pure Genie-ous, the next time you visit us.
<read about our journey with Hummus here>

Sports Drink Vs. Coconut Drink


Less sugar and 1000 times more refreshing than any sports drink out there. Plus, it comes straight from nature! It is easily available on the streets of Bangalore, do try and get hold of it when you spot it next.


About the author: Susovan Mahapatra is an intern at Bhukkad. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance as a sophomore at Ashoka University. He is a quizzer, blogger, startup enthusiast and likes being lost when free. And yes, he loves to travel, sleep and eat as well!


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