3 Easy, Everyday Superfoods that You Can and Must Include in Your Diet



Superfoods. The elusive, wonderful class of foods that offer an endless supply of nutrition, can help you lose weight, make your skin shine, get you a new job, wear a cape, fly into the space and save the World.

We are kidding. But that exaggeration is not entirely unfounded. There is a legitimate reason why Superfoods are currently a focal point of most health and diet related trends on the internet and otherwise.

Superfoods are an exciting class of foods that are nutrient dense and loaded with incredible medicinal/healing benefits. In fact, most Superfoods resonate strongly with our philosophy at Bhukkad. The philosophy of promoting consumption of foods that taste good, are natural and are also good for our health.

Superfoods, however, may often seem to be too exotic, expensive and generally out of reach. This is a misconception. There are plenty of Superfoods that are perhaps sitting right there in your refrigerator, waiting for you to take notice. Here is a Bhukkad lowdown on some of the easiest, everyday Superfoods that you can include in your diet on the go:

  1. Nuts: All nuts are Superfoods. Including coconut. Which is not actually a nut (it is a drupe). The important thing to remember is that all nuts are rich sources of healthy, unsaturated fats and are excellent for cholesterol management. You can also reap the benefits of a range of essential nutrients that different varieties offer. And they are easy to consume. Just keep a box full of assorted nuts handy and you are good to go!Nuts SuperFoods.jpg
  2. Bananas: Bananas are one of the most underrated Superfoods despite the fact that they are an incredibly rich source of potassium. Potassium is crucial for both our bone health and heart health. Banana is also often termed as ‘nature’s own energy bar’. It is extremely effective in replenishing energy post a workout or any physically strenuous task. And the best part about bananas—easy to carry, easy to eat!
  3. Tea: Yes, tea. Believe it or not, your good old cup of tea is a Superfood in disguise. And not just Green Tea. A regular tea can be equally beneficial. All you need to do is leave out the milk and go easy on the sugar. Or better still, switch to honey. Tea is an excellent antioxidant when consumed without milk. It promotes heart health, contributes to your daily fluid needs, is available almost everywhere and is tasty. You can consume it as a simple black tea. Or you can have it iced, with your personal choice of added flavors. But exercise moderation. Healthy as it is, having more than five cups a day is usually not advisable.

This list is just a sneak peek into the possibilities where healthy does not have to be bland. And Superfoods need not always be exotic. All you need is some awareness, a little imagination and a Bhukkad spirit to reap the benefits of the food that nature has to offer.

This post has been contributed by Runjhun Noopur. Runjhun Noopur is a freelance writer, life/leadership coach and a professed food enthusiast. She does not live with a cat but wishes she did, just so that this bio was marginally more interesting. She eats and writes, not necessarily in that order. And when not doing either, she can be found dispensing unsolicited life lessons to unsuspecting bystanders. She blogs with an alarming irregularity at http://chotimata.blogspot.in/. You can reach her at runjhunnoopur06@gmail.com or follow her @RunjhunNoopur.



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