Fresh Food Rocks!

Growing up in India I remember we had to have freshly cooked food at every meal. But with the entrant of new age yummy international products I do see the new uber generation (me included) choosing packaged and processed stuff.

I blame it on convenience and taste, buying packaged parotas and pasta sauce is just so much simpler than doing all that work yourself. And the best part, it tastes really great!


Reality Check: Packaged and processed food is NOT real food. I know it sounds pretty severe but the sad truth is that processed food has a great loss of nutrients (vitamins, minerals) and fibres

So yup, everything from white rice to maida-based products like noodles, biscuits, cakes, khari-butter unfortunately falls in this category. To make it all worse additives and chemicals are added which contribute to ill effects which we see over time.

While we love our cookies and cakes we don’t realise that processed foods are high in four main components — refined sugar/high fructose corn syrup, salt, saturated fats and trans fats. Excess sugar is linked to diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Adding to that refined Fructose “programs” our body to consume more calories & store fat. Did you know fructose gets shuffled into your liver and damages it in a similar way alcohol does!

Our body tells us when we are hungry or not. Food manufacturers have figured out the science behind it and design food that “hyper-reward”. Simply put our taste buds are overwhelmed in a manner that overrides the brains capacity to say “ENOUGH BUDDY IM FULL NOW”!

Do you feel you are addicted to junk/ processed food? Don’t blame yourself any longer! You will be shocked to know that processing modifies the way components like fiber, water and nutrients are digested. There is an artificial stimulation of dopamine which leads to excessive food cravings. To make matters worse there is “vanishing calorie density” a term used to describe processed foods that melt in your mouth ( eg: Cheetos) which makes your brain feel like you ate nothing!

I know it all sounds very complicated but do try to slowly start eating smarter. You could start by adding a few healthy foods into your diet – like berries, nuts, salads, grilled meat, yogurt and fruits.

When you have cravings go to places like Bhukkad which serves natural ingredients. Be fussy and demanding with what you eat after all you deserve it.

Image Credit: Genius Cooking

Author’s Bio:

Vinitha Prabhu Health and fitness blogger of and marketing professional.She believes that trying to stay fit and healthy is a struggle for everyone. Through her blog she shares her journey and hopes this can inspire you to change your life to a healthier one.  You can follow her facebook page and Instagram handle @lunchboxlicense


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