‘Juice’ Wanted to Say Hello

We are certain the ‘juicing trend’ has reached your ears, desktops and mobile screens. For those of you who have been living under rocks, juicing has caught the fancy of the world in the last year or so. Whether it’s to cleanse or to help one get fit, many all over the world have invested in juicers and are drinking up like there’s no tomorrow. From a health and wellness perspective though, as Bhukkad always sees things, what’s the deal with juice? There’s so much charcha about whether it’s a good idea, if it’s just the hype powerhouse acting up, whether one can have a diet that’s entirely juice-based… The Bhukkad team thought we could help clear the air.

Firstly, if you’re making your own juice from fruits or vegetables, regardless of anything else, great job! Anything homemade is better than what you get in stores, as we use fresh produce, and stay away from preservatives. All you need to do is ensure your ingredients are natural and additive-free too. Juices are always a great way to get into fruits and vegetables, if you aren’t a fan of them already. Natural and induces healthy eating? We say, so far so good!

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Second, what’s the difference between juices and smoothies? What is a better option? Juices are just that: juices from fruits and veggies, stripped of the pulp and fiber. This is good, because it helps your digestive system quickly break down all the nutrients you’re taking in. Smoothies, on the other hand, often contain the skin, pulp and all the fiber of the fruit and vegetables. This is also good, because you’re getting a more filling drink that keeps you satiated, naturally! This is why smoothies make such good breakfast foods as well.

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Third, you didn’t think we’d leave without giving you some healthy recipes did you? Some natural ways of getting your juice/smoothie fix are to make the ones of your choice at home, and to drink it the same day. Some popular blends are Beetroot, Cucumber and Pineapple, and Spinach, Apple and Carrot. For more conventional mixes, try out this Banana and Mango Smoothie recipe, or make a simple version of this Blueberry smoothie with Coconut water.

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If you’re thirsty right now, you can just order one of our Meal Bags that come with a different drink every day. Rest assured, we keep it refreshing and healthy. Let us know how you feel after incorporating these smoothies and juices into your daily meals. Hydration is always great, and when you keep your juice intake natural, you are sure to keep healthy. Props to Archana’s Kitchen for the juice recipes!

About the author: Atula is a regular writer for Bhukkad. She is a final year student at NLSIU Bangalore. Among the things she finds fascinating are the Indian start up scene, World War II history, fruit flavoured desserts, and dark chocolate 🙂


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