Seven Snack Hacks for Each Day of the Week!

We’ve all been there. There’s two hours to go before dinner, or you’re stuck with some paperwork to finish before you can grab your next meal, or you just pass by the cafeteria when your stomach starts grumbling. Before you know it, you’ve bought that packet of potato chips and are munching away to glory.

Snacking is actually necessary to fuel your body between meals, especially when, as a busy professional, these meals are few and far apart. Plus, snacking can be as healthy as it is fun and satisfying. Bhukkad gives you a few pointers on where to start with our #snackhacks, one for each day of the upcoming week!

1) Apple and Almond butter sandwich for Manic Mondays

Remember when we told you how to make almond butter here? For those extra nutrients and to up your daily fruit intake, just spread some almond butter onto two apple slices. Put them together and eat your new sandwich variant. Voila!

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2) Frozen grapes for a Turbocharged Tuesday

Frozen grapes are delicious, filling and get ready in a jiffy. And making them is exactly what it sounds like. After washing your grapes (always wash your fruit!) and drying them of excess moisture, place them on any flat surface- a Tupperware dabba, or a large plate, or even a ziplock bag that can be placed horizontally. The idea is to ensure no two grapes touch each other, because that would make them bunch up when frozen. Place this in your freezer for 4-5 hours. Once you take them out, put them in an airtight container and enjoy them whenever you feel like a snack. The texture is incredible. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself. Red and green grapes can be used for this, but we suggest a mix of both for an all-natural, all yummy snack.

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3) Crunchy veggie sticks with hummus on Work-filled Wednesday

Hope you managed to try out our super simple chickpea based hummus recipe! Slice up carrots, or better yet, buy baby carrots, and carry them in a container with some hummus on the side. You can also use pear sticks or apple sticks if you want to experiment with a clash of flavours. Another way to innovatively pack this snack is to put a dash of hummus at the bottom of a mason jar (or any dabba with a tight lid) and to stick your vegetable slices upright into the dip. Close the jar and trot off with your healthy snack in tow.

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4) Nuts mix for a Thoroughly Healthy Thursday

Nuts are super healthy and are a great way to keep hunger at bay. Throw some dried fruit into the fray as well if you have a sweet tooth. Some of our favourite combos are pistachios with almond, cashews with groundnuts and raisins, and walnuts mixed with honey. We suggest you pack these in containers ahead of your work week so you can grab them whenever you head out and snack on the go!

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5) Microwave heated Moong dal for a Friday that’s on fleek

One thing we need to be hugely thankful for is what a big role lentils play in our daily foods. Moong dal is a staple in our homes, and instead of deep-frying or roasting them, here is a way to turn them into a wholesome snack with very little effort. Soak the moong dal in water for an hour. After draining completely, put it in a microwave safe utensil and microwave for 2 minutes. Sprinkle some olive oil and salt over this, and microwave it again for 2 more minutes. Once it cools, you’ll find that it’s as crispy a snack as can be.

Fried Yellow Moong Dal
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6) Oats bhel for a scrumptious Saturday

It’s hard to resist the pull of street food, but luckily, it’s easy to replicate it at home with natural, unprocessed ingredients as well. Instead of store bought, preservative-heavy bhel puri mixes, use healthy oats as a base. Dry roast the oats, add chopped tomato, onions, cilantro, capsicum or any other vegetable of your choice, and mix well with home-made yogurt. Full recipe here. Go ahead and customize it to make it your own.

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7) Honey, strawberry and banana Paratha for a Sweet Sunday (My understanding of a paratha here is two rotis put together with stuff in the middle :P)

Now hear us out, paratha purists. We think we’re on to something good here. Whoever said parathas can only be savoury? This recipe is all natural, which is good enough for us, but bananas and strawberries are also a winning combination of nutrients. Besides, did you know strawberry has the lowest sugar content of most fruits?

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The Bhukkad Way:

What you’ll need:

2 whole wheat rotis

2 tablespoons honey

1 large ripe banana, sliced

5-6 strawberries, sliced


Simple. Roll out a couple of rotis. While cooking one on the pan, spread 1 tablespoon of honey evenly over each roti. Next, arrange the banana and strawberry slices evenly on the honeyed surface of the roti and gently press the other roti on top. Heat both sides till golden brown. Enjoy your paratha.

Hope you liked our #snackhacks, ladies and gents. You might have noticed that most things on this list can be prepared just using the ingredients that probably are in your kitchen storeroom this very minute. The typical Indian kitchen is a massive repository of interesting things to eat, so feel free to experiment and try new things. And if it turns out yummy, share the recipe with us too!

Just know that if it’s natural, you’re probably doing it right 🙂 We wish you many hours of happy snacking!

About the Author: Atulaa Krishnamurthy is a final year student at NLSIU Bangalore. Among the things she finds fascinating are the Indian start up scene, World War II history, dark chocolate, and fruit-flavored dessert.


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