The Awesomeness of Hummus

In February 2014, Bhukkad evolved into its current avatar of making traditional fast food in a natural way. This involved finding ways in whichwe could replace traditional elements in fast food with alternatives that are healthier and natural . One marvelous suggestion was using hummus as a dressing. Nithya Reddy, who was helping us with our design, shared this link about hummus with us ( And boy, what a revelation it has been! Not only is hummus good for you, its tastes incredibly good. We wonder why people still use mayonnaise.

Hummus is a simple recipe of chickpeas (kabuli chana), garlic and olive oil. The ease with which various flavours like beetroot, sun-dried tomatoes, etc, can be added to it makes it a very versatile dressing.
For vegetarians, it’s a blessing in disguise. It makes a great spread and even better dressing. It is super easy to make and can be easily refrigerated.
When you come to Bhukkad, try the Pure Genie-ous and Open Sesame. Both contain hummus as a spread. We also use it as a spread in our vegetarian burger (Big Veggie) Pure genie-ous is a chicken sandwich with a hummus base and our secret spice mix. Open sesame is a vegetarian version with olives and jalapenos. Recently, one of our customers came to the store and made an amazing combination of hummus, beans and veggies. It’s now our new salad with hummus, kidney beans, grilled vegetables (mushrooms, baby corns and capsicum) and fresh veggies (cucumber and tomato). For non-vegetarians, we add chicken to this combination. We have been trying this out for the past week and people have loved it. Right now, it’s known as just a hummus salad. . If you have a better name suggestion, please write to us at There will be a surprise gift (read free hugs :P) coming your way.


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